How to Buy and Wear Celebrity Wigs


The most important terminology to be aware off is the meaning of “cap.” It refers to the basis of the wig where the hair is attached on. Depending on the type of wig and type of hair used, the joining of hair to the cap is done either by machine sewing or by hand.


Taking all the unfamiliar terminology into account that is used, when you buy your first Celebrity Wigs – , you start to wonder if baldness or shaving off all your hair under the pretension that you were starting a new trend, is not the better option to go for.


Standard Caps

Standard caps are the most commonly used. The basis of the cap is not visible on the hair due to the way the hair is styled to lift the crown to make the cap invisible


Skin Top Caps

These kinds of wigs are elastic and colored according to a skin color tone. It is common use to attach more and thicker hair to these caps and therefore the skin does not show through the cap.


Monofilament Caps (meaning one string/thread)

Wigs manufactured this way are done in such a way to give the impression of a natural look by letting your natural scalp color show. These caps are classically made of a wonderful polyester or nylon is woven material. When constructing a wig with this type of cap, hairs are joined by manually tying the hair strands to the crown.


Monofilament caps provide the most natural look of all wigs, and apart from being the most natural wig from BestHairBuy, these wigs are uncomplicated to style and more adaptable due to the way hair strands are attached to the cap. You can brush or part it in any direction just as you would with real hair. These kinds of caps are soft and are ideal for scalps that have the tendency to be sensitive.


Have you ever wondered why some wigs look so, well like wigs, and some wigs are not even noticed? The answer to that is rather simple. It is because of the kind of hair that is used.


Two types of hair are used in the manufacturing of Celebrity Wigs.


Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is foremost much less expensive and easy to maintain than the alternative human hair wigs. Fibers used to make synthetic hair wigs permits the hairs to preserve different forms of styling techniques such as volume, texture, waves, and curls. It is almost impossible to make a distinction between a good quality wig and one made from human hair. Wigs from synthetic hair cannot be styled with heat or any chemical treatments.


Cap Less Wigs from BestHairBuy –

Though it sounds impossible, because to what do you attach the hair then, are in fact lace strips sewn together with some open spaces in between. The hair is joined on the strips resulting in optimal ventilation and being much lighter than other wigs.


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