How to Take Good Care of 360 Lace Wigs?


360 lace wig needs to be perfectly cared for using it without any damages. For more detailed knowledge about the maintenance of these wigs, you can have a look at BestHairBuy for more care tips.


Special caring tips for 360 lace wigs


If you think that lace wig is artificial and thus it does not require any maintenance, then you are wrong. These hairs are also in need of proper care and maintenance so that you can use the same in the long run. Moreover, exposure towards different unwanted damages can also be reduced to a great extent using implementing few essential caring tips.


Conditioning and washing are required essentially on every week, and the hairs need to be combed thoroughly for removing tangles. Only wide-mouth combs are to be used for meeting up the concerned purpose otherwise you might experience excessive hair fall from wefts.


Before washing the hairs, fingers can be used for removing tangles. This is quite a necessary step which can prevent probable damages that often occur after washing.


A proper mixture can be created with 50 percent water and conditioner, and this mixture is needed for deep conditioning which can make the hairs smooth, flexible and healthy. On the other hand, the hair glossiness or shine can also be maintained with frequent conditioning. But in this case, only high-quality conditioners are to be used for getting effective results. You can now store this mixture in any spray bottle and can use several times as per need.


Vent brushes can be used so that the wet hairs can be brushed well. In fact, this is one of the best means for maintaining smooth-texture hairs. In this way hair health, volume and texture can be easily maintained.


Top-quality shampoos belong to brands are to be used as these hair-care products can be used for cleaning off the wefts by removing or eliminating dirt, dust and other wastes. You can now maintain your wigs in quite a hygienic manner using frequent shampooing with these kinds of shampoos. The shampoo ingredients are to be checked out first to understand that whether the ingredients are harsh for these hairs or not.


The 360 lace wigs can be soaked or few minutes within shampoo solution and then they need to be used well for cleaning in a better way. Use cool water for washing after shampooing as hot water might damage the wings. Only oil-free shampoos are used for removing excess oils from the hairs. Oils can make the wefts quite sticky, and this is the reason these shampoos are getting used these days.


Moisturizing oil can be used so that the wefts can get the requisite amount of moistures and nourishments. Olive oil can be chosen in this regard, and this oil can be utilized for proper messaging. Non-greasy hair-lotions can also be applied on these hairs for avoiding stickiness and oiliness. Specialized heat-prevention products can be used so that heat effects can be easily avoided.


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