How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions


Hair extension features in the beauty box of many women these days. Its main job is to enhance the natural hair on the scalp as it can portray a thicker and a longer looking hair for you. They are available in different textures, lengths and also colors. But if you wish to add hair extensions to your natural hair, you must take the help of a professional hair stylist.

To take care of your extensions, you must visit a salon to consult with the hair stylists. Make an appointment with the hairstylist of the salon and learn in details about how to take care of it. Here are some general tips on caring for your extensions:

Always keep your 360 lace wigs and its extensions squeaky clean. Wash them regularly and make sure to remove the tangles from the hair to enhance its life span. The excellent way to do so is to remove the tangles by combing the hair extensions gently before giving it a wash. Always wash your hair with your head in an upright position to avoid creating more tangles.

To keep your  virgin hair and its extensions healthy you should avoid bathing or swim in chlorine water or salt water. You should also avoid sweat accumulation in the hair as all these can cause severe damage to the hair. For instance, if you like swimming, you should make sure to wear a head gear or a swimming cap while in the pool.

Always let your loose wave hair dry naturally in air and sun. Using the hair dryer can lose the bonding between the hair and also loosens the connecting bonds between your natural hair. Also, avoid curlers for your hair and blow drying since they can also damage your hair to a huge extent. Always brush and comb your hair and the extensions in a gentle manner. Pull the brush or the comb downwards and gently remove the tangles if any. Brush your hair as many times a day as you can afford as it enhances the blood circulation in the scalp and also keeps your hair clean.

Extensions are usually put in by a professional in a salon. Going to someone that is a professional is smart because doing it on one’s own could cause damage to the real hair if done improperly. Seeing a professional is a good option because they know how to handle hair properly and how not to damage it.

There are many different types of extensions available to be used in any hair such as BestHairBuy. Hair extensions can be made out of 100 percent human hair or out of the synthetic material made to look like your hair. Apart from these types, you will also find that there are different ways of fitting extensions in your hair.


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